Mission Earthling exhibition | Scitech

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Scitech's 'Mission Earthling' exhibition investigated the human body from an alien perspective.

My design concept was developed into the entrance façade inscribed with alien symbols; the pyramid structures to house computers; and upright panels for interactive exhibits. These exhibition panels incorporated backlighting, sound, and various interactive interfaces. These elements required appropriate 'alien' presentation. With colleagues, I detailed components such as colour scheme and material finishes, information and name panels.

Two illustrators were subcontracted for their skills. Scribbles Illustrations provided cartoon-like accompaniments to the information text. Square Peg Design produced life-size, anatomical illustrations and the photographic entrance mural.

As well as the exhibition design, I was charged with devising an alien mascot to wander about the exhibition, engaging with visitors. I created a character that looked different to a human body, but was practical for staff to wear as a costume. The result was a large, friendly-looking creature with a pulsing light in its ‘head’ and tentacles to wave at visitors.